Thursday, December 27, 2007

Touch wood

I claim to be agnostic, religionless and skeptical. Which is why you could wonder why I'm concerned by superstitious beliefs (Exhibit A.)

It's not that I believe, but rather that I don't want to jinx it.

Pertinent to the impending 2008, I don't think it would hurt to:

- Make a New Year's resolution (a tradition that dates back to the early Babylonians. Who would want to mess with a thousand year habit?)
- Pay off all the bills
- Let the old year out by opening all the windows
- Make sure the house is in absolute, pristine order. (Not because I'm obsessive about it, of course, but because I'm preparing for the coming year.)
- Stock up, to guarantee prosperity
- Make loud noises to scare away evil spirits
- Light candles near windows
- Kiss at midnight
- Jump up and down
- Work a little on the first day of the year
- Wear something new
- Hold a piece of silver or gold
- Eat black-eyed peas or lentils
- Eat a grape for each month as the clock strikes twelve (which complicates the kissing. But, hey, I can multitask.)

Finally, my birthday is January 3. Being born so early in the year signifies rebirth and good luck. Tell me, why wouldn’t I choose to believe in that?

(Photo by Luca)


Marivi said...

According to my dear friend Hernan, un peruano que vive en Argentina, tambien es indispensable ponerse calzones amarillos y, a la media noche, salir de la casa con una maleta y darle la vuelta a la manzana para garantizar muchos viajes en el 2008. Granted, that might be hard to do while eating grapes and kissing.

Miguel Cane said...

Ah! Yes! The suitcase!

I have been anxiously waiting for *someone's* birthday.

And here's hoping for a great 2008.

Much, oodles of, love (for both of you).


PS: Finisterre is waiting for you!

Dushka said...

Amarillos? Yo siempre pense que tenian que ser rojos.

Miguel Cane said...

Yellow = Prosperity, darlin'.