Friday, December 21, 2007

The perfect gift

Every Christmas, I search far and wide for the perfect gift for my husband. The criteria is threefold: it has to be something he will use often (if he’s going to think of me when he uses it, then ideally that would be frequently), something he would never get for himself, and (suspenseful music for emphasis, please) something he wouldn’t ever imagine receiving. As I’m sure you know by now, the surprise element is of the essence.

In the ten years that we’ve been together, I’m proud to say I’ve been a successful gift giver multiple times: a recliner he likes to read on every weekend, a suitcase he goes on business trips with, the watch he uses every day, the iPod where he stores all his music, and Tivo, without which he would miss out on critical soccer matches (misery would ensue.)

Yes, I’ve also missed the mark a number of times, presenting him with something I was sure he’d use only to find it in a drawer, forgotten and untouched. By way of example, Luca is a gifted chopper, so I got him a super sharp, amazing looking Japanese knife he liked in concept but then never wielded (which, now that I think of it, is probably a good thing.)

You’ll never guess, though, what is, in my opinion, the best gift I’ve ever given him.

A pillow.

A cylinder shaped, ultra plushy, irresistibly soft, trademarked nap pillow.

When he opened the box it came in he was somewhat dubious. He took it out and petted it. He hugged it to his chest. Then he set it aside. That marked the beginning of a lasting relationship. He not only sleeps with the pillow every night, he actually travels with it. Said pillow (deliriously romantic music, please) even has a name.

I am quite proud of what I put under our tree this year (which of course I can’t disclose here, at least not until after December 25), but I know deep down I risk never coming close to what I accomplished that fine Christmas day.

(Photo from Brookstone; actual image of pillow.)


Luca said...

now my secret is out...

Pedro said...

I will resist the temptation to talk about Luca travelling with a pillow and naming it. Instead, let me focus on this: The game of Maradona, of Pele, of Van Basten, of Hugo Sanchez, of Beckenbauer is FOOTBALL (Futbol is also acceptable, even in english) NEVER Soccer!!! Soccer is what 12 year olds in Orange County go and play in their minivans. In Soccer, there are no losers because what matters is that you did your best. Soccer is kosher and smells of fabric softener. Football is bloody and smells of sweat. In football you dont play nice.

He dicho.

Beso gigante a los dos!!!!

Luca said...


Don't knock my pillow until you try it. :0

Forza Inter!


Dushka said...

Pedro, I prefer not to think of futbol as bloody. Pass the fabric softener.

IZ said...

¡Yo quiero una almohada así, la mía es un horror! Pronto vay a italia, el 1 de enero. Emoción.

Miguel Cane said...

I won't be having any gifts this year.

That's okay. I guess it *is* a relief. I don't know. I hope this aftertaste will disappear from my mouth.

I am taking flight and coming back home. Home.

Much love to both of you.

Enjoy some pillow talk.

And Merry Xmas.


Dushka said...

Iz, te vas a enamorar de Italia. Mientras tanto, yo te busco una almohada. Promise!

Dushka said...

Miguel, arrrrrggg!! I love it! I can't believe I didn't think to title my entry "pillow talk". ARG! I should keep you around!

Miguel Cane said...


I *am* around. Always!

Much love to both and happy New Year!


Jennifer H. said...

I have the same pillow (except mine is printed to look like a can of Diet Coke), and I also travel with mine, even for business trips. Dan always makes fun of my "Coke Can" pillow.

It is among my top 10 favorite things, and I wish I could give one to everyone.

I gave one to my boyfriend for Christmas this year... his is printed to look like a can of Coca Cola Classic :)

Dushka said...

Fantastic. Luca and you are pillow soul mates.

rhona hamilton marr said...

please tell me where to get this pillow, and what you got Luca for Christmas this year!!