Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's the little things

My new toothbrush has soft, tightly packed, tapered bristles, a tongue cleaner and polishing cups. It’s called “Colgate 360”. I’m really sorry that this sounds like an ad (and particularly sorry that if it is, I’m not getting paid for it.) But you’ll understand why it deserves a mention if you try it.


Brian said...

A couple of years back, I became infatuated with natural bristle tooth brushes with faux tortoise shell and ivory handles. Quite elegant and the bristles were nice and soft.

Miguel Cane said...

I love to floss. It's a good habit. I relish on my good habits. I am a good little boy.

(God forbid someone should hate me!)

I brush thrice daily and avoid bubble gum like Satan.

Much love to both, you were miss'd.

Dushka said...

Wow, Brian. Your toothbrush is way fancier than mine.
And, Miguel, I floss three times a day. It's an excellent habit.

Pedro said...

Nooooooo, nooooooo, nooooooo. Sorry Dush, I strongly disagree. I see no point in the 360 function. If brushing the tongue is the idea, should the toothbrush in itself not be enough?

Furthermore, everytime I convince myself to try and use the pinche tongue cleaner, it makes me want to throw up!!! Also, it stirrs memories of childhood doctors appointments, with all of their gadgets for seeing inside your mouth!!

He dicho!


Dushka said...

Pedro, you have to try it to understand. The tongue cleaner is in the back of the brush, so it serves to massage and gently exfoliate your cheeks while your teeth are being brushed. If you feel a a tongue cleaner is just for the tongue, you're missing all the fun.

Brushes for everyone on my next trip to Mexico.