Saturday, December 28, 2013

Resolution, 2014

We are in bed. Boyfriend is not talking, or reading, or reaching out for a remote.
“Babe”, I say. “Want to get the light?”
“Eventually” he replies. “Right now I just want to lie here and stare into space”.

I realize I have never recognized in me the need to stare into space. It’s the New Year’s resolution I've been looking for.

Moon designer

I was walking home from the bus and saw a moon so beautiful it made me gasp (photo doesn't do it justice). Desperate to share it I turned to a guy walking in the opposite direction and pointed. We stood there staring. 

Tonight I am grateful to the Moon Designer and for the company, camaraderie and support I often find in perfect strangers.

In general...

"Millennials feel entitled". "Older folks struggle to remain relevant". Yawn.
Throwing people into (shortsighted) generalizations is an insidious form of discrimination and impairs us from reveling in the unique wealth each person can bring.


Yum. Soup. If you make it at home and lovingly chop, sauté and simmer, the insides of those who eat it are warmed and nourished beyond what can be attributed to the sum of ingredients.


The fact someone would go through the trouble of building a bench just so strangers can sit and look at a beautiful view is one of the reasons why I think humans are so adorable.

Roller Coaster

The most important thing I have learned from PR is to know my center. In this profession you are a star one day and suck the next - the only way to stay off that roller coaster is to have a clear sense of self.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

50 dollars

Two men are sitting across from me on the bus. They are speaking Spanish.

First man: if I tell you what happened yesterday, you won't believe me.
Second man: what?
First man: we were at the site. At noon the boss said it was lunch time. We sat down to a huge plate of hot food and that red wine that they serve in glasses.
Second man stares.
First man: When we were done we all got another plate. I'm still full.
Second man stares.
First man: Then, he gave us each an envelope and said "this is so you can go get coffee, on such a cold day". In it was $50.
Second man's jaw drops.
First man: $50. For coffee.

They look at each other, then burst out laughing.

This holiday, tip generously.

Riding the rocket

I'm in full winter gear and riding the rocket (Toronto speak for "on the subway".) a man sitting across from me is shuffling cards. Not like a poker player - like a magician. He drops them, red and black and white spilling across the gray car floor; then struggles to collect each one. I realize his fingers are numb. This is how I learn that sleights of hand are harder to conjure in freezing temperatures.