Sunday, March 18, 2012

Morning light

What she wants is someone she can count on.

She dismisses the thought. She's vowed to count only on herself, to be nothing less than utterly independent. To never again be a burden on the person that she loves.

He wants to take care of her. He has to be cautious, though. Of not presuming too much, not being invasive, not transgressing on the tacit boundaries he imagines she has delineated. Of being better this time at preserving the careful balance of the life he has created for himself. 

So she does things without him. It's the smallest of these she most wishes she could share. Here. Taste this, how just-right the ratio milk/coffee/sugar is. Look at the view in this rosy light. Look at the long shadows of fall.

She's standing by the window, quietly sipping from the cup he just handed her. He wonders if he finally got her coffee right. If she sees how beautiful this city that could be theirs looks in the light of early morning.

I'd like to be a part of her life, he thinks as he leaves. But she doesn't need anybody.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't look back

I never look back
After we've kissed goodbye.

You think it's because
I'm quick to move on to other things 
My gait along the sidewalk strong, determined.

If you only knew.

I treasure believing you want to look at me for as long as possible.

I am certain I feel your eyes on the back of my neck
As I walk away.

I don't turn around because I couldn't bear to be disappointed.

To twist and find instead your back to me 
Your strong, determined gait far along the sidewalk
And realize that so quickly 
You've moved on to other things.