Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10 things I'd love to do for a living



Interior designer

Painter (if I could paint)

Singer (if I could sing)

Architect (but I flunked the only subject that ever came close)

Dog walker (I’d walk one at a time)

Coach (if anyone would listen)

Doctor (if I wasn't squirmish)

Anything that requires having a loudspeaker in my hand and a whistle around my neck

Photo: Real Simple


Brian said...

1. Full-time Yoga student.
2. Rabbi
3. Writer
4. Violinist
5. Film Director
6. College Professor, English Lit.
7. Magazine Publisher.
8. Monk
9. Radio DJ
10. Newspaper Reporter.

Miguel Cane said...

1.- Host.

2.- Gallerist.

3.- Paediatrician (but I am squeamish too).

4.- Pianist (Were I not tone deaf)

5.- Set designer.

6.- Cobbler.

7.- Psychotherapist.

8.- Private Eye.

9.- Grade school teacher.

10.- Chef (obviously!)

And honey, you *ARE* a writer.

Much love to all.

sencho said...

I didn't get to 10 yet, but some of the things I've considered over the years include:

1. President of the UN (before I found out what UN means)

2. Singer (like Sinatra)

3. Shipper (i.e. working on a ship in the Pacific)

4. Night club bouncer

5. Mayor of Moscow

more to come!

Anonymous said...

You didn't flunk perspective drawing, the only course related to architecture, because Tomás did the drawings for you and you passed in extraordinaries!!!!

Dushka said...

CM, flunking is how you end up doing an extraordinary exam.