Friday, March 28, 2008

What I should do

I live in a constant, heated battle between what I fall into doing and what I think I should do, which doesn't get done even when what I think I should do is something I like.

I'll illustrate my point with a series of examples organized chronologically.

I should get up early every day, even on weekends. Instead, I hit the snooze button during the week and on weekends I wake up early and invariably go back to sleep, even as I think get up get up get up you'd have more weekend time if you started your day now.

I should eat only extremely, supremely good-for-me food because I like how it makes me feel (not just healthy, but virtuous), but drinking coffee, having sugary, crispy things and white flour is...well, I don't have to tell you what it is.

I should take a multivitamin but I only manage to do so two times a week, despite the fact the big bottle sits between me and my computer at work (meaning, I stare at it about 9 hours a day.)

I should take better care of myself now that I'm pushing 40. Regular facials and visits to the salon. But, there are so many other things I'd rather do with my time (and my money). I suspect that when I'm old I'll be well traveled and wrinkly.

I should be better about updating my wardrobe, knowing what looks good on me, and using make-up. My younger sister even knows how to make purple eye shadow look totally cool.

I should be more patient. It's just that I'm surrounded by completely exasperating situations. You try calling United.

I should exercise every day. Not only that, but do a variety of exercise, such as aerobic, weights and stretching. I'm doing pretty well on the aerobic part but I usually only manage to do weights twice a week because I don't like to exercise indoors. And, for some reason I can't even come close to understanding in myself, I never stretch, even though I find it delicious. Ever.

I should have less stuff. I'm clutterphobic.

I should worry less. It's not like it's effective in warding off what I worry about. (...Or is it?)

I should write in my blog like Miguel does. Frequently, generously, outpouringly. I manage a pretty consistent entry a week but I wish I was more like my prolific friend.

I should read more - which I definitely love -and watch less TV. In fact, I should read the classics. But TV is so darn entertaining, particularly when I'm watching it with all the things listed above that I shouldn't be eating. American Idol and ice cream, anyone?


Emma said...

you are the healthiest, most exercised person i know...and you have the best face/skin of all my friends - you will age deliciously.

Dushka said...

And I plan to have you around to see if you were right!

Miguel Cane said...

Dearest Dushka,

Thank you for the shout out.

I wish I were those things you point out: Constant, Generous and Outpouring (well, maybe I am *that*).

I find it that you are one of my most amazing friends, and am wowed every time.

Come to the seaside!

You'll love it.

Abrazos y besos
(para ti & Luca)


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you get exasperated, even if it's just with United. Your brother has gone through this as well, and I suppose everyone else on earth. I got hysterical the other day trying to edit an invoice from Amazon, and never could. Thanks to your blog entry I realize it's not just me. I don't have to hate myself for not being able to control my desperation. And as a matter of fact, if the truth were known, I thought I was now laid back, easy going and philosophical about all this, not hysterical and simmering with rage like I used to be, before computers even existed, when I only had problems like the maids who were stealing from me, the plumber who was ditto, the gardener who never watered the plants and let them die, or perhaps the foundry that wrecked my sculptures, or the gallery that was lying to me, the shipper who gave me flack, or people who tried to buy more for less money. Don't they know that's offensive to an artist?
I should also spend more time on the exercise bike, but then who would sit in front of the computer and try to solve situations for which there is no electronic provision? I guess it's called "adaptation". It'a another world.

Ana said...

You should WRITE A BOOK.

Un beso para ti y Luca desde Mexico.