Saturday, October 20, 2007

My favorite cities in the world

I recently spent a week in Mexico City. I went there for work, so stayed at a hotel in a neighborhood I had never stayed in, rather than at my father's house. I really enjoyed seeing a whole new side of the enormous urban sprawl I lived in for most of my life.

From Mexico City, I flew directly to New York (again for work) and spent a week there. This unintended big city trend, coupled with my penchant for list making, sparked the impulse to share with you my favorite cities in the world:

1. Mexico City (it's insane, chaotic, overpopulated and polluted, but it's mine and I love it.)
2. Milan (construction of its Cathedral - The Duomo - began around 1380 and it's not finished yet. Need I say more?)
3. New York (it's electric.)
4. San Francisco (my city by the bay.)
5. Paris (no matter where you go, you have 360 degrees of pure aesthetic perfection.)

I suspect London would be on this list but I've never actually lived there. I need to live in a city for at least a month straight before feeling I have the right to consider it, which is why I'm leaving other cities out, such as Vancouver, which I also love.

Finally, to this I have to add I am not really a city person. I love living in Montara (population: 2,000). But any of these cities is a welcome break to my small town life and a proven cure to any few and far between little town blues that might afflict me.

What are your favorite cities in the world?


Miguel Cane said...

Here goes:

1) London
2) Gijón
3) New York
4) Prague
5) Vienna
6) Lisbon
7) Buenos Aires
8) Rome
9) Venice
10) Washington DC

I love Mexico City, but I have conflicting feelings on it. After all, I fled because of that.

But it will always remain within me.

Gijón is only 300,000 people. It's cozy, comfortable, companionable.

I am in love with this city.

Here is my home, at last.

Dushka said...

Miguel, I'm so, so jealous!

I've never been to Gijon, Prague, Vienna, Lisbon or Buenos Aires.

So much to see, so little time.

Anonymous said...

1. Mexico City (my parents lived there for about 10 years)
2. Santiago, Chile
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


sencho said...

I can't believe you've never been to Vienna! It's a must.

My list would be the following:

1. Moscow
2. Berlin
3. Kiev
4. Vienna
5. London
6. New York
7. Chicago

Dushka said...

Never been to Mocow, Berlin, Kiev, or Vienna.

You know what I just realized? Luca never takes me anywhere!

Dushka said...

Micaela, I've never been to Santiago or Rio, but I'm going to Barcelona in three weeks. I'm trying to apply myself.

Carol Miller said...

My favorite cities in the world are weird choices, selected exclusively on the basis of what they give me, singular, and not necessarily how other people perceive them. Therefore the common choices, like Paris, Madrid, London, Rome or New York are absent. My favorite cities are often trashed, perhaps even despised, by others. I love Damascus and Aleppo, Lima, Pnom Penh, Saigon, Istanbul, even Minneapolis. I love the old city of Jerusalem, Trujillo and Fez, the new city of Berlin, and yes, Los Angeles where I was born, Mexico City where I live. There's no explaining some people.

Dushka said...

They're not weird, mom. They make perfect sense.

Niklas said...

01. Bangkok Thailand
02. Rio de Janeiro Brazil
03. Hong Kong China
04. Buenos Aires Argentina
05. Singapore Singapore

06. Havana Cuba
07. Shanghai China
08. Barcelona Spain
09. Tokyo Japan
10. Prague Czesh
11. Sydney Australia
12. Miami USA
13. Innsbruck Austria
14. Porto Portugal
15. Thessaloniki Greece
16. Santos Brazil
17. Taipei Taiwan
18. Lima Peru
19. Melbourne Australia
20. Honolulu Hawaii, USA
21. Makati- Manila Philippines
22. Macau city Macau, China