Wednesday, October 3, 2007

All that glitters

I recently found myself at a shoe store, staring at a pair of crinkled metallic gold shoes. I'm not the kind of person who owns crinkled metallic gold shoes, and my first thought was "Wow. Those are kind of ugly". My second thought was "I have to have them". I apparently have alter-personalities living inside me that I don't know very well.

I carried the metallic gold shoes around the store while I looked at other things. I am not an impulse shopper so the part of me that thought they were ugly did not really take the part of me that had to have them very seriously. Until I walked up to the cash register and paid for them.

Now my new metallic gold shoes sit in my closet, in a world of gray, brown and navy blue clothes. I can see them peeking out of their shoe compartment. They are completely out of place, devilish, defiant. I wink at them before reaching for my trusty brown boots.

I haven't worn my new metallic gold shoes yet, but one day I will. I can't wait to see where they take me.


Tessitore di Sogno said...

Tasting new flavors, smelling new scents, contemplating old items from new prespectives... that's part of the most exciting stuff that life itself offers for free (but not for granted). So I assume you must be glad for being able to experience new emotions and enjoying the whole process along the way.

Miguel Cane said...

What a thrill!
I must have been a crow in one of my past lives [hullo, Shirley MacLaine!], for I am unabashedly fond of shiny, gilded things.

I have always found adventurous tastes much to my liking. And I understand you perfectly. One gets enamored of the strangest things!

Please, when the Golden Shoes take you there, tell me how it was like!

Oodles of love, as usual, for both of you.

Your ever faithful,


PedroZ said...


no, no creo que te los pongas. Antes se los pone Luca. ja.


Dushka said...

I am absolutely going to wear these shoes. Like, this week.

Nicole said...

They looked fabulous with your sleek navy blue suit today! Really...they're super cute!

Dushka said...

I had a good day. :)