Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog action day and my red bucket

Every morning, I used to turn on the water in the shower and then wait a minute or two for it to get hot. Perfectly good, clean water right down the drain.

So a few months ago I got a small red bucket. Now I turn the water on and it falls into the bucket, which I later use around the house: most often to flush the toilet with it, or to water plants.

Is there anything you do that’s easy and obvious and that you think contributes to use less resources, particularly water?

In honor of blog action day, I'd love to hear about it.


Miguel Cane said...

I wash dishes once a day. I don't have a dishwasher, so I collect dishes all through the day, I neatly and orderly pile them, soap them and then, in the evening, after dinner, I wash and rinse.

I know this is applicable for I am single, and that if I lived with other people it would be difficult to achieve.

I also try to shower in record time. The longest it has taken me is 10 minutes. I try to save time and water, so I only wash my hair once daily, that way I also save on shampoo! ;D

Much love,


PS: Hi Luca!

PPS: I made my B*A*D post too! YAY!

A.L. said...

I have a car in Mexico city and almost never use it! I walk and ride my bike every day unless it' s raining or too far from home, so i manage with 1 gas tank per month!!!

why worry if i´m going to be death? life is now, worrying about the after death just makes you death already.

sencho said...

I use very little water now in the morning or when washing dishes becase the English sink systems is ridiculous! The tubes are always clogged, not to mention that hot and cold water aren't happily married.

Or maybe it's the English way of preventing the island from drowing after the global warming takes off? Judging by the weather here, they are doing a great job!

Brian said...

Another way to save water when showering is to take a "Navy' shower. This is when one gets into the shower and gets wet. Then, one turns off the water and lathers up and scrubs down. Then, the water goes on again to rinse off. --This is what a sailor does on a ship to save fresh water.