Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For the love of dog

This is my dog.

She’s not really my dog. She belongs to my neighbors. But they have two young children and a crazy schedule and don’t have time to take her outside.

I, on the other hand, occasionally want to jog before I go to work – or come home feeling cooped up so welcome the chance to take an eager four legged creature for a stroll.

She has a pretty good life. She’s almost never home alone, since she has four people of varying ages who love her, and on top of that two adoptive parents (us) who give her a colossal amount of treats and walk her at least four times a week.

When we pick her up, she’s so excited it’s almost impossible to leash her. She pulls with the force of a train and runs maniacally when we set her free in the field. If Luca walks up ahead of me she likes to dash from him to me and back.

It’s a fortunate arrangement: her rightful owners get to love a dog who has become a member of their family. We get to borrow a dog we only have to walk. The dog gets all of us.


Luca said...

It's a pure joy to watch her run and jump. She is a lucky dog.

Miguel Cane said...

I am thinking... just thinking, nacht, of perhaps, eventually, getting a dog.

Maybe from the local pound.

I grew up with dogs at home.

They have a lot of things to teach us; specially, how to love.

Much love to both
(glad to see Luca got back)

Are you happy now?
[I know I am, but I still do feel lonely... kinda...]

Dushka said...

Miguel, you should get a dog! (unless you plan to do a lot of travel.) Maybe a dog you can share with neighbors, like we do?

Definitely feeling better now that Luca is back. If you're lonely, the three of us can have dinner together. Do you want to come over tonight? We have fresh basil in the garden and the farmers market downstairs is selling heirloom tomatoes...

Miguel Cane said...

Right on!

I'll be dropping in around 8, and I'll bring the wine.

Thank you ;)

Much, much love,


isa said...

Dogs rule.

Dushka said...

Dogs totally rule.

ben said...

I rather have a dog than a baby. Dogs are less problematic. But I rather have a cat than a dog. Having a cat is like having a roommate.

But still dogs rule. When I'm rich I'm gonna have a cocker spaniel farm. They are tons of fun.


Carol Miller said...

Everyone knows that dogs are the nicest people. Anyone who doesn't know that isn't nice people.

Tessitore di Sogno said...

I used to have a beautiful golden retriever dog called "Niza", I loved to take her to the woods and threw a ball so she can bring it back, I also seat to the shore of a lake to watch the movement of the water while I huged her, but what I really enjoyed at most was those long trips in the calm nights... I miss her! Nice post, nice dog!