Sunday, July 15, 2007

Don't call it hopeless

I’m an optimist.

I mention in a recent blog entry that “I was convinced India was on the verge of a transformation of epic proportions”. After having visited, I can tell you this surpasses optimism. I was plain naïve.

The fact is, even if a few million people are getting rich, India has more than one billion inhabitants. I can’t blame anyone who calls the situation "beyond repair".

When we got back, Luca found a site that allows people on this side of the world to help.

Which is good, since all I could think as I traveled through India was, "How? How are we ever going to get out of this?" (And, "Why? Why do some people have so much while others have nothing?" but I don't expect to find an answer to the latter.)

Kiva uses the Internet to create interpersonal connections. It allows you to connect with – and loan money to – small businesses in the developing world, where 50 dollars (or less) can break the cycle and help lift someone out of poverty.

I’m hoping you can visit the site and loan money to someone whose life can change because of your intervention.

I’m also hoping that when you get paid back, you can loan it to someone else.


Zapata said...

Pinso igual que tu. India pasó ya la línea de la esperanza, aunque eso mismo se dijo de China por siglos. Son entidades demasiado grandes, demasiado inentendibles. Ni siquiera puedo imaginar lo que al final de cuentas ocurrirá en esos dos gigantescos países, cuya fuerza gravitacional afecta al mundo entero.



Dushka said...

Yo tampoco. Pero mientras tanto desde aqui puedo ayudar a unos pocos. Que es mejor que nada.

Tessitore di Sogno said...

Dear Dushka:

I do support the motion which correctly proves that capitalist model has been created to help a few grouo of wealthy people. I think is a great idea to join charitable non-profitable organizations which only interest is helping those funds to reach the right purposes, however for those who live in poor countries like Mexico, another good way of helping is giving food or being kind with someone we meet everyday out there on the streets.

Kind Regards!

Dushka said...

Definitely. I support any kind of help!