Friday, March 2, 2007

You know you want to

TV, they say, will turn your brains to mush. Among the ambitious, high achiever crowd I occasionally frequent (when I’m not napping), it’s become the new dirty little secret: I have a friend who reveals more sordid details of her life than I’ve ever wanted to know, and yet won’t admit to (gasp) watching television.

In the spirit of putting myself out there (the very nature of blogging) I will say this: I love TV. Some days I come home late and exhausted and my one desire is to snack and watch program after program until all my grey matter dissolves and pours out of my ears.

I hate that I love it. I’ve often tried to watch less of it. It’s such a time leak. On days I don’t watch it, I blog, I cooks meals for the week, I empty out my inbox, I read, I clean my house, do my laundry and iron every one of Luca’s shirts.

Fortunately, this does not happen very often.

Here is what I like to watch (keep in mind I own a Tivo, so can cover a lot of ground.)
  • American Idol. I’m not watching this time (something needed to go) but I did watch the season where Jennifer Hudson was eliminated, and boy, am I glad I was a part of that.
  • Heroes. I love any kind of superpower and can fantasize about discovering one of my own.
  • 24. Probably the best writing in television, even though I find it hard to manage the absurd levels of stress it causes me.
  • Ugly Betty, because ugly can be adorable, and because the hands that rock it are Mexican.
  • Grey’s Anatomy. We watched the entire first season during a precious, rainy weekend. The Monday after, we went to work and wondered if we needed to call Dr. Burke to ask him if he was feeling better.
I also watched Nine and was sorry when they took it off the air, although not as sorry as when they canceled Boomtown. Program selection can be unbearably cruel.

And, yes. I am a die-hard Oprah Winfrey fan. Has there ever been a more incredible woman (besides my mother)? I record all of Oprah’s shows, and then skim over some and watch others (I’ve been known to cover four episodes in an hour if under pressure.)

So, do me a favor and keep the sordid details of your life to yourself, and instead tell me – what do you like to watch? Come on. You know you want to.


Martin C. Pearce said...

Too funny...espcially considering the shows you watch are EXACTLY the same as what we watch!!! Nice taste!!! I'm OUT and PROUD with television watching as well!!!

Pedro said...

West Wing.
Seinfeld (ok, its off the air, but I can watch reruns without end).
Daily Show.
ANY and ALL infomercials.
ANY football game (american and rest-of-the-world).

Ok, anything really. Im addicted. I once spent a full two hours watching one of these prayer shows where people danced, people were cured and money was requested.

Luca said...

This is SO weird! I watch EXACTLY the same shows!!!

Dushka said...

Pedro, your comment made us laugh out loud.
Luca: what a freaky coincidence. You must have been the guy passing me the popcorn!

Ben said...

I don't watch that much TV but when I do, this is what I look for:

HBO's Rome. I am addicted
House. I find it diturbingly funny
Jeopardy!. I know, I am such a dork
Deal or not deal, 1 vs 100, Identity. I hate them, but I can't stop watching them
Top Chef. I don't like reality shows, but I love to cook
Lost. I used to watch it, but it frustrated me to the point where I wanted to kick the TV. I bet the writers don't even know what is going on and the end is going to be some stupid explanation


Mary Ann said...

I'm a proud TV watcher! Loud and proud! (My first post on your blog DZ!)

I loove all the shows you mentioned. With the invention of the DVR, I can now watch my shows late at night when my girls are sleeping or mid-day on weekends when my girls are napping.

I record:
Rome (HBO)
Barefoot Contessa (Food Network)
American Idol
and the divine one, Oprah!