Saturday, March 10, 2007

Truth and the impostor

Sometimes, the opposite of what I believe is something I believe too.

It’s such a small world --The world is enormous.

Love is blind -- Love lets you see the other person clearly.

Lack of Earthly desires makes for a passionless life -- Not having any desires is Nirvana.

Seek and you shall find -- You can only find if you don’t seek.

I don’t know if God exists -- God exists until proven otherwise.

I think, therefore I am -- I think, and the more I think the less I’m sure that I am.

Good always triumphs over evil -- Evil lurks everywhere, invincible.

Truth is -- Truth is subjective.

You can’t know what you don’t have words for -- Some things can’t be expressed in words.

I am an impostor -- What you see is what you get.

Logic is indisputable -- Logic is personal.

Fight –- Wait.

I wish I’d done things differently -- If I’d done thing differently I’d be someplace else (and I like where I am).

Appearances don’t matter -- Appearances don’t lie.

Religion is peace –- Religion twists.

Keep an open mind –- Stand for something.

Writing is everything -- Writing is pointless.

In the grand scheme of things, we are nothing -- In the grand scheme of things, we are responsible.


isa said...

después de todo,
"yo es otro" -Rimbaud

Dushka said...

Exacto. Concuerdo con Rimbaud (Yo es otro) y tambien con Sartre (el infierno son los otros.)

Luca said...

O possiamo citare Alessandro "Spillo" Altobelli: "C'e' chi puo' e chi non puo'. Io puo'"

Dushka said...

Eh. Anch'io puo'.

Stephanie said...

Came to read the other comments and this is what I've come to...

Yo no hablo espanol. Je parle francais un peu.

forget it, who am I kidding? I speak and write only passable english...

I wonder if the other comments are slightly more esoteric than this?

Anonymous said...

Oh... Dushka...
you made me laugh a lot.
Have a wonderful week.