Monday, August 19, 2013

Soul Mate

On the bus today I overheard two women talking really unfavorably about another. I was going to post a transcript of the exchange but decided it made me sad.

I can't imagine why we'd resort to tearing each other down when the greatest gift we have ever been given is each other. Girlfriends are soul mates.


Catherine Gacad said...

At least they are being honest?! I jest, but sometimes I think I'd prefer people tell me to my face what they think about me vs saying one thing and telling other people something different. Maybe it's kinda like how we fight the most with the people we love the most.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vixen! xoxo
I think there is a difference between a critique and cattiness. One is caring and purposeful (even if negative), the other is careless and mean spirited and has no intention. But maybe we should get together to discuss this in person. We miss you.

Guilie said...

It's so easy to be nasty. Like too much sugar, it's an indulgence--and, like sugar, it harms much more than it satisfies. Do we know it? Yes. Does that make us stop? Sadly, no. Gossip, as catty as it may be, might seem trivial, but it damages deeper than one imagines.