Friday, August 30, 2013

Love story, maybe

Last night Andrew and I drove up to Twin Peaks to look at the sunset. In front of us, the following scene unfolds:

Guy – Hey. You’re in my time lapse.
Girl – So sorry! (starts getting up.)
Guy – Don’t worry about it. It’s a feature.
Girl laughs.
Guy – Alison?
Girl – (Freaked out) Yes. How did you know?
Guy – Are you Alison? (Removes his hat and glasses.) It’s Chuck!
Girl – What? Chuck!

I (excitedly) point out we are in the presence of a nascent romance: two people who knew each other long ago find each other at sunset 10 years later. 

Naturally, Instead of looking at the view, we watch them. We hope to witness them inching closer together, possibly kiss.

We get hungry and end up leaving before we find out how the story unfolds.

Over dinner we toast to love.

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