Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great ways to waste energy

Make a mountain out of a molehill.

Expect a reaction that is not in the other individual's nature. Then...

Be disappointed or hurt that the desired outcome did not happen.

Dislike someone. Intensely.

Develop a tendency to take things personally.


Feel guilty.

Hold imaginary conversations where you predict what another person's reply will be. Go through every possible scenario.

Feed irrational fear.

Assume that things that appear to be larger than you are actually about you.

Decide that you can win by fighting things that seem larger than you. Thrash about.

Hold on tight, for as long as you can, to something that caused you pain.

When you're feeling paranoid, analyze every unrelated event until you find evidence, however small, that the world is indeed out to get you.

Complain. Make sure you make the complaints elliptical by finding people who have similar issues so that beyond discussing them action to resolve them is never taken.

Anticipate the worst-case scenario so you can feel stressed about things that are not likely to happen.


kathy said...

... and that leaves about 7 minutes to brush your teeth and get ready for bed!

There. A full day's work done, again.


Great post, Dushka!

P.S. Was this about me? I'm worried this was about me...

Andrea said...

I love this, DZ. Eloquent and concise. :o)

I rarely take the time to comment, but I read most of your entries. Always interesting and always entertaining!

In a twist of irony, the "verification" word I had to type below in order to post my comment is "moper." Ha!

Amit Pradhan said...

Damn you Dushka. This is so well written. By the 4th line, I forgot the title of the post. That left me doing a lot of very frustrating things the rest of my day. I blame your eloquence. Apology accepted.

Carol Miller said...

Excellent, every single one. Bravo. Now, to applying the opposite strategy in each case and when all esle fails, as a friend of mine says, PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).