Sunday, August 15, 2010

When you're ready

My house it reminds me some day I will sit on the Adondirack chair in the backyard learn how to use a tagine read all the books on my bookshelf in alphabetical order lie in the wide red sofa or on the cool wood floor and watch the moon through the skylight wear my sequined t-shirt and all those shoes use the hot tub burn candles apply beauty treatments I’ll learn to knit take in every single photograph in the coffee table books sip Turkish coffee from the small white cups some day I’ll have time for this my house assures me you go do what you need to do and we’ll be here when you’re ready



Kathy said...

And yes, that is exactly how a house would write. They don't care for punctuation much, I'm told.
What a great house you have!

David said...

Hoorah! You're back! Your friend David and your house are both pleased to welcome you back to blogging. :-)

Dushka said...

Blogging is yet another thing that is here waiting for when I am ready. :)