Saturday, March 21, 2009


Patience is an alien quality does not swim in my blood does not pool around me in the mornings I have to coax it breathe on it to keep alive the little bit that I have try it on play dress up practice walking with it so that it looks genuine I want to perfect it I wish I could take a daily dosage a patience vitamin it would get stuck in my throat 


Anonymous said...

Travel in the Far East is a good patience pill. It's part of the culture. You begin to take it on, like the sounds of the traffic, the aromas, the different sound that your shoes make on the street.
It comes with the food, and the art, and the traditional dress; it's in the dialogue of the opera, the altars of the temples, on the counters of the department stores, on the faces that stare back at you blankly, their curiosity shining in their black eyes.

Anonymous said...

Too often we equate patience with tolerance. But patience does not see shortcomings or mistakes, does not loathe the pace of the day.... Patience sees learning and growth... Like roses on a bush each opens at its own rate, in its own time, no more or less significant than the next.

David said...

I saw this, and thought of you: