Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forget it

Go ahead keep a journal write the date neatly on the top left hand side of the page take a thousand photographs and organize them into albums save them in chronological order catch it all with your new video camera despite your desperate efforts to freeze time to hold on to make sure things don't slip by the past is not retrievable


Lori said...

For me there are no journals and few photo's and most importantly a terrible memory. That is what my best friend of 30 years is for. She has all of the above and when she reminds me of a long forgotten memory it IS like reliving it....and for that I am most grateful.

Dushka said...

That's the way to do it, Lori.
As for that terrible memory, that's what new friends are for.

David said...

Retrievable, no. Rememberable, yes. And for that reason, I will maintain the archive. And I'm convinced journal writing and photograph reviewing saves me thousands in therapists, which is possibly the best reason of all to do both.