Friday, November 7, 2008

What it feels like


Anonymous said...

was just catching up on your blog, and it's fantastic
I hope all is well with you and Luca.
Take care-
Tony (from Baja)

Dushka said...

Tony! So good to hear from you. What are you up to these days?

Anonymous said...

As I read over the last few entries I am again amazed, proud, astonished, beguiled, yet ultimately bewildered, by this remarkable prose poetry. It is more than a knack you have. It is a world spinning around in there, and the more it spins the better you express it.
"You're a poet and don't know it?" All that and much more.

GOMÍS said...

No hace falta escribir en inglés, cierto???

Vaya que me gusta el discurso de YES, WE CAN... Qué orador más exquisito es Obama... No???

La neta, sí se me enchina la piel cada vez que lo escucho hablar.

Crees que sería muy complicado ponernos al tanto de nuestras vidas después de más de 20 años???