Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've decided to pretend I have a bungee cord tied to my waist. This makes the prospect of long, scary falls sound thrilling instead of terrifying. (Economy going down the drain? I could lose my job? Weeeee!) It also reminds me of the ability we all have hidden within to bounce right back up after a calamity.

It takes just as much effort to feign invincibility than it does to fret about things that may never happen, and it at least makes the process akin to an adventure, instead of filling me with dread.

(By the way, I'm not worried about my job. It was just an example.)


1 comment:

GOMÍS said...

Me gusta la filosofía del bungee!!!...

Y me gusta más saber que existe esa capacidad "escondida" que tenemos de botar hacia arriba...

2 cosas que jamás he hecho:

Lanzarme de un bungee y meterme con un hombre... Y estoy completamente seguro que una de esas jamás la haré porque le tengo pavor a las alturas... ja!