Tuesday, May 20, 2008


An orquestra from inside the orquestra me conducting a priceless violin a lot of work a vacation on a beach the unexpectedly loud sound of waves beating against rocks the fact that I started reading again a lot four books a week discovering a new favorite author losing something I had found finding something I had lost learning remembering how much I love to learn so hungry for learning having many questions without answers watching one of my favorite movies ever needing to look inside to listen to myself not knowing what to pick having too much to say nothing to say nothing to add feeling kind of blah and then feeling motivation new fresh knowing you misplace people along the way but feeling regret despite the knowing wondering if it’s just a scrape or a deeper crack something irreparable watching things unfold hurting someone I really didn’t mean to hurt recovering an incredible stroke of luck a fantastic restaurant salsa negra feeling like it doesn’t matter it never mattered

Just a few of the reasons I haven’t written

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Miguel Cane said...

I repeat.

You. Are. My. Touchstone.

(And I run to hide behind a rock so you don't see me!)

Much love to both!

IZ said...

Grandísimo post. Hace mucho no leía algo que me gustara tanto (no tuyo, en general). Te quiero.

David said...

I wonder whether some statistician somewhere could plot a line of correlation between months of the year and when bloggers are most and least prolific. Maybe May is just a difficult month. Roll on June! p.s. GOOD excuses!

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary poetry. Write more.

Anonymous said...

Es un dulce grito de tu alma, love.