Friday, May 30, 2008


Have you ever felt…stuck? Stuck. Frustrated by the same things. Annoyed that what annoys you is starting to both annoy and bore you. Feeling that what you want is so close, and yet not. No, wait. You don’t even know what you want. So how can you know it’s close?

Meaning to mean something and hearing with horror as the words from your mouth come out differently than you intended. The intention, twisting, spinning round and round as you see it going…down the drain. Of course you need to do something differently. But, what?

And then, suddenly, inexplicably, you’re unstuck. You speak, unsure of what to say, and watch in awe how it comes out…right. Things you used to swim against the current for drop. On your lap. Free. Your lost friend calls you. Your business prospers. What used to matter doesn’t. Really. You suddenly – oh! - understand.

I’m not sure what causes the change. I think it’s a current, an invisible current that we have no control over (although we like to think we do) that runs through everything. When it switches direction you marvel at the consequences it leaves in its wake.

Or maybe it’s that life is like a kaleidoscope. You look through the eyehole, rotate it ever so slightly, less than a fraction of a millimeter, to find the picture has changed, the prisms, the colors, everything has shifted, and the world looks better now.



Nicole said...

I need to shift the kaleidoscope...

Miguel Cane said...

A friend of mine used to say, in High School: "No te claves en la textura, fijate en los colores"

And that's exactly what happens when you gen unstuck.

Much love,
(to both)


Anonymous said...

First three paragraphs, more poetry. Instead of blogging commentary, continue with the poetry because it's fabulous.

sencho said...

Great post, thank you!

David said...

Things were very murky today until I ran into Luca and you in Mountain are my kaleidoscope!

Dushka said...

David, this might be the nicest thing you've ever said to us!