Saturday, June 3, 2006

Credit Where Credit is Due

Have you noticed the photographs that illustrate the pages of this blog? Almost all of them are Luca’s work.

I find each of the scenes familiar, yet I’ve never seen them quite like this. The Pacific Ocean, anything but peaceful. A green tree at the end of a winding road. A blue door. A faded, peeling sign on the wall. Purple flowers, swaying in the wind. Sand and the patterns it makes on the beach after a storm. Rocks against a dark grey pavement.

As different as each one is from the others, his photos have distinct crucial elements that define his style: They all portray everyday things. That blue door is the one you open every morning. That highway, the very one you used to drive on during your commute on Highway 1. The petals floating in a puddle that you only see through the corner of the eye. You were in a rush. You had no time to stop.

All his images, from the mottled sky to the shadow in the glass, convey a sense of intense presence; a feeling of peace. “Now” - each of his photographs seems to whisper – “what matters is now.”

Luca started taking photos when he was 14. He has always been fascinated by texture, shape, reflection, contrast. Throughout the years, his photos have sold in several Italian magazines, as well as Encyclopedia Britannica.

At their core, his images capture the beauty that exists in simple things. He reminds us, in that gentle way of his, that the time to be is the present, and the place to be is right here.

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