Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Extroverted dreams

Confessions of a closet introvert: we briefly dream extroverted dreams.
Me: To properly celebrate my next birthday I'm going to throw an epic party with Eighties music. Let's start assembling a list of who should come!
Boyfriend: You hate parties.
Me: You make an excellent point.
Boyfriend: So, are you sure you want to work on a list of who to invite?
Me: to properly celebrate my next birthday I want to travel to a remote, uninhabited location.


Dinesh said...

Having been following your blogs for quite sometime now via Quora.

My question what do you think of an Introvert ?

Dushka said...

Hi Dinesh! I have written extensively about introverts on Quora. I invite you to take a look. Thanks for visiting!

Dinesh said...

Thank you :)

J. said...

80s music <3

I definitely need to listen to some Japan and Duran Duran right now.