Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh, mom.

You probably don't remember.

You watched "The Changeling", that movie where Angelina Jolie loses her child. He's replaced by another she does not know and told it is her son. No one believes her when she says it isn't. She is thrown into an insane asylum.

You call to tell me you loved the movie, to which I reply I thought it was beautiful but too terrible for words. You say, perplexed "what in the world did you find so terrible about it?" I summarize the plot. "Oh." You respond. "I only remember the incredible photography."

My husband posted a video of me trying out working in the rice fields in Vietnam. It shows Vietnamese workers in their cone shaped hats teaching me how to soften the hard earth, quickly losing their patience at my incompetence and unceremoniously waving me off the field. It's aptly titled "Dushka gets fired in Vietnam".

Your comment to the video is "She will try anything. If you leave her there 10 minutes longer she'll be in charge and showing the Vietnamese women how to do it."

We all need a dose of this gift of yours to block what you don't want to see. Everyone should be lucky enough to be mistaken for someone far better than they really are. I don't know what I will do when I lose the only person in the world who think I am invincible.

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Carol Miller said...

What, you think you're going to get rid of me so easily? And even after I'm gone I hope you'll remember. Having experienced the negative, you can then cast it off. Looking forward to the positive, you can tingle with anticipation. If people lie you hope there's a solution underneath and you stick with it. If they cheat you look for a path to turn their duplicity back on them. And when all else fails you do what a friend councils: PUSH ("Pray Until Something Happens"). The point is, you don't give up. You believe you can triumph, and so you will, and having achieved one goal you go on to the next. It's never dull. And by the way, you're the one who dedicated a book to me. It's called "Oh, the Places You'll Go" and it says, "to a fighter, who taught me how to fight." So there!!!