Sunday, February 14, 2010

Also known as love

Lovetta Conto grew up in a refugee camp in Ghana. Today she designs Akawelle (which means “also known as love”) a line of jewelry made from the remnants of bullets that litter her native Liberia. Half of the profits go to a home for displaced children. This way, she says “the same bullet that has killed someone can help a new generation”.

I couldn't resist buying one. I like to wear it to remind myself I have no idea what a difficult day really means.



Kathy said...

Great cause, beautiful accessory, sobering reminder... thanks for posting, Dushka. I'll be being one.

iz said...

¿dónde lo compraste? ¡yo quiero uno!

Anonymous said...
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Carol Miller said...

In this short text there is a world of life and love. Thank you for sharing it. People unaware of the history of Africa will possibly be indifferent; it moved me deeply.