Sunday, January 10, 2010

In case of earthquake

If you know me at all – or even if you just read my blog – you know that I am quite fond of order, planning and preparing. I make lists of things to do even on weekends, and organizing my closet is something I would do for fun. (OK. Something I do in fact do for fun.)

Given all of this, I’m not sure why I am so reluctant to putting together an earthquake preparedness kit. Isn’t being compulsively neat all about control? Shouldn’t I jump at the chance to better off in case of a disaster?

I never leave for tomorrow what I can do today. Ticking off things on my to do list brings me manic amounts of pleasure. If I buy all my holiday gifts the previous summer, why have I put off preparing for an earthquake for more than ten years?

Because the Bay Area has had three earthquakes this past week, this morning my way-more relaxed-than-me husband told me we are spending part of the day making sure we’re ready in case a big earthquake hits. If you haven’t done so, I suggest you do the same. We can figure out the answers to all the questions I pose above while we happily cluck as we check off this list.



David said...

I am SHOCKED to have discovered an orderly chore in which Ms. Zapata does not excel!

More so, I'm pleased to report our Earthquake Kit is up-to-date (albeit one year old).

Does beer go off?

Dushka said...

If there is an earthquake, we're coming over.
To drink stale beer.

cutie said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today..........................