Sunday, June 7, 2009


As long as you are here there will never be a drought no shortage of things to write about my new lipstick the smell of taxis in Canada the shape of the pasta Paola made for us the night we arrived back pain and how it’s changed the light in the photograph you took of all of us around the dinner table that looks like a Rembrandt the metal spirals of barbed wire lined with razors installed on top of fences in countries everywhere the virtues and pitfalls of orange paint and expensive furniture wanting new things parts of me that still surprise me do we ever really get to know ourselves


Anonymous said...

interesting. what is the significance of the orange paint, I wonder. I do think we can get to know different aspects of ourselves - but it takes work and it doesn't happen overnight. I have found that getting to know yourself is just as exciting, if not more, than getting to know your partner. Ahhh,,, the thrills of self love :)

Brian said...

Dear, I think you've discovered your true calling: Poet. Calliope smiles on you.

Dushka said...

Laura, I agree that self love is thrilling.
Brian - thank you. Really. I'm tremendously encouraged by comments I receive because mostly I consider these mumblings. :)