Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 random things about me

My friends Jill, Adriana, Nicole and Miguel requested that I share 25 random things about me.


I know I was supposed to post this text in the notes section of my facebook page and in turn pick 25 other people, but in an attempt to curb the madness, I am writing them here instead:


1.    I love to read.

2.    I love to write.

3.    I love words. Finding the right one is like touching the sky.

4.    I love food. To prepare it, to eat it, to talk about it. I will always want to know what you had for dinner.

5.    I prefer lemony or spicy over sweet. Green papaya salad over chocolate mousse.

6.    I tell the truth as often and as clearly as possible.

7.    There are people who had an impact on me who I no longer see. In most cases, I think that’s a shame.

8.    I am a lot less extroverted, aggressive, competitive and difficult than people initially assume. Don’t tell.

9.    I don't know if there is a God.

10. I believe there is an indestructible kernel of divinity inside each of us.

11. Whenever I had something good going and somehow sabotaged it, I concluded I had a self-destructive streak. I now realize my subconscious knows before I do when I am wrong to assume I have something good going.  I have a self-preserving streak, and I trust it. 

12. "Reliable" is one of my favorite compliments. (Failing that, I’ll take “smoking hot”.)

13. I will always look over my niece.

14. I learned to swim before I learned to walk. Being under water fills me with a primal happiness.

15. I need space. If I can't get it, I become first distant, then insufferable. I wish I didn’t.

16. I don't like parties. I go through great lengths to avoid them.

17. I feel lucky every day.

18. I feel grateful every day.

19. 87% of the time, I look forward to going to work.

20. 85% of the time, I like what I see in the mirror. The other 15% I think I’m ugly but find solace in the fact that I have uncommonly pretty feet.

21. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

22. I have an aversion to clutter.

23. I have no patience. I wish I did.

24. I used to believe that worrying somehow protected the people that I love. I now think worrying is a colossal waste of energy.

25. The life I have today exceeds all my expectations. 


Photo: http://www.swimgoods.net


vineeta said...

reading your list is inspiring. seriously. reminds me to be more grateful for the world we live in. thank you!

Miguel Cane said...

I am surprised, I am touched.
And you won't believe how many of these we do have in common.

Thank you, thank you.

Love to you and Luca.

(From Audrey & me)

Adriana said...

You reminded me of something, which is not random, but an undeniable truth: I will also always look over my nephew.

And, I do think you're extroverted; aggressive and competitive in a healthy way, but not at all difficult.

Look forward to seeing you and Luca in a few weeks.

Jason said...

Very nice list. A few chuckles, and a few surprises. :)

Rhona said...

I love this list. I love getting to know 25 things I didn't know about you (although some I felt like I did know)! You really have such a talent for writing!

sencho said...

Estimado Dushka,

Es una lista buena! Reconozco tu en cada articulo, y tu eres muy fiable y muy caliente por siempre :)

Perdon mi mal espanol.

Con gratitud, Arseny.

Dushka said...

Arseny! it's lovely to have you visit! And I love that you use online translations - they are such a hoot.
I miss you and hope you come to this side of the world some time soon.

sencho said...

I must note that it's not just online translations - I'm seriously learning Spanish, taking lessons twice a week :)

Miss you too!

Dushka said...

Pues estoy muy orgullosa de ti.
Besos, Arseny!

Amit Pradhan said...

You do have uncommonly pretty feet. They often look in the mirror and like what they see 85% of the time. The other 15% of the time they take take solace in the fact that they are attached to a brain that can pen words so beautifully.

Anonymous said...

I think every single one of these statements is not only true (I presume to know you) but also exceedingly honest, and without fear of any kind: No fear of judgement, no fear of rejection, no fear of someone taking up the opposite position and trying to convince you. I think they are also patently revealing. So I would assume you love yourself, accept yourself as you are, trust yourself and your good sense, and have always been surrounded with love and approval, which is your basic reinforcement. I take this, in part, and where it concerns me, as a personal achievement. By the way, I was studying your face yesterday while you were looking through a file of pictures, cards, notes and messages, and was astonished by your beauty. You also have pretty feet. Blessed above and blessed below.
Ever, with love,
Your mother.

Dushka said...

Amit, this is the my all time favorite comment of yours. Man, you should write more!

Mom, I do think loving yourself comes out of being surrounded with love and approval, so feel free to take as much credit as you want. And, my feet thank you.

Amit Pradhan said...

Thank you Dushka. I fear though that my comments about your feet may have antagonized both Luca and Rajesh - men in my life I cannot afford to annoy or alienate. One keeps us getting to our goal, slowly but surely and the other keeps the goal safe :)