Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm late I'm late I'm late

I know I know I know. My self-imposed blog-once- a-week rule of thumb is…limping. I have plenty of perfectly acceptable excuses, though: the holiday season, a one week trip to Yellowstone – everyone knows there is no coverage of any kind there - in the heart of a historically cold winter (numb fingers, even if there had been coverage), and a momentous birthday. (You try downplaying the fact you’re turning 40!)

On top of all this, since late November I’ve had way more work than usual. Given that many close friends have called me to tell me they have been laid off, I feel incredibly lucky and doubly duty bound.

And, did I mention my cold? I tried to work through it instead of pamper it (partly because I decided I was stronger than the virus, and partly because I was working under deadline), which resulted in my body demanding I sleep practically through a whole weekend (I complied.)

Which brings me to January 15.

I have a lot I want to tell you (and although they are all things I should have already told you, now it will have to be in the following weeks.) Our magical trip to the first national park in the United States. What I got for my birthday and how much I love her. The single New Year’s resolution I’ve decided upon. And, finally, what I’m going to commit to in my continued efforts to be environmentally responsible (it’s big, daring and geeky).

So, don’t give up on me.


Photo by Luca – outskirts of Yellowstone National Park


Miguel Cane said...

What, me give up on you?


Much love to the three of you.

What's her name?

(Audrey is curious yellow!)

Dushka said...

She is not what I think you think she is. And her name is Sophia.