Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I never travel without disinfecting wipes.

After walking in my socks across the filthy floor of the airport security line, I wipe the soles of my feet before putting my shoes back on.

On the plane, I wipe the arm rests, the tray table, and any other place frequently touched by gross, dirty fingers – remember, among other things I’d rather not mention here, people cough and sneeze into their hands - such as the seatbelt, the headrest, the buttons that control the flight entertainment, the one you press to push the seat back, the window and the wall around it, where I am likely to rest my head (which, truth be told, I’ve grown quite fond of.)

In the rental car, I wipe the steering wheel, the keys and the stick shift.

In the hotel room, I wipe all the phones (think how your sweet lips press gently against the same spot hundreds of other saliva laden lips have brushed against in the past few days.) Then, I wipe the door handles, the light switches, the remote control and the toilet handle.

I’m sure that the cleaning service of your hotel of choice changes the sheets and towels (or, am I?). But do you think the remote control ever gets a cleaning, the mouthpiece of the phone people drool into when they respond to their wake up calls before their teeth have been brushed?

(While I’m on the subject of hotel rooms, if the window doesn’t open, I sit down on the bed, take short, deep breaths, and try not to think about it. I’ll save the matter of circulated air for another entry.)

I’m convinced this wiping habit has prevented me from catching many a cold, and who knows how many other nasty, germy bugs I’d rather not dwell on.

Your turn. What won’t you travel without?


Robin Seidner said...

Oh boy, I think I liked my thoughts about germs better BEFORE I read your post. Granted, I now think these are good ideas. But I don't think I can look at a hotel room the same way anymore.

What I won't travel without: hair gel (curly hair becomes frizz in certain humid zones)and a book to read.

ana obregon said...

JAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahora si que me reĆ­. Que obsesion. Muchos besos.

Nicole said...

I'm on planes LOTS these days and I won't travel without chapstick, eye drops (I wear contact lenses and they dry out so quickly on airplanes!) and a Ziploc bag to carry them in. Airport security will keep my eyedrops and chapstick if they're not inside a little clear baggie, which is ridiculous.
What I would love to purchase for my next trip: Bose headphones that cancel out all the noise around you. I would love to drown out the loud drone of the airplane engines so I can get some sleep!


David said...

So, I've been thinking carefully about your Wet Ones post, and have a question:

Do you wipe money with Wet Ones too?

p.s. I never travel without a pen...thoughts can happen anytime, and can need writing down practically without warning.

Dushka said...

David, are you trying to make it WORSE?
To answer your question, I favor the use of credit cards.

Anonymous said...

The wipes are a great idea. Remember years ago, when we traveled to China with Lysol? Bathtubs, shower stalls, toilet seats, sinks, got the treatment but the floors were hopeless so we wore rubber flip-flops, then washed them later. What wouldn't I travel without? These days my pillow. It goes in the suitcase,
feels like home and is protected by my very own pillowcase. A camera is also important, but less so than in former times, when I wanted to document everything in sight. It doesn't seem to matter that much any more. Even the monthly magazines resort to the Internet.