Friday, January 18, 2008

And the miracle of Greg Mortenson

Greg Mortenson was a climber who became a nurse just to do something between one climb and another. An unsuccessful attempt to summit K2 almost killed him. He got lost (or so it felt at the time), taking the wrong turn and ending up in an isolated village in Pakistan called Korphe.

Grateful to the people there for their graciousness, their generosity, and for nursing him back to health, he promised he’d return to build a school. He has dedicated the rest of his life to doing just that. He's built 50 schools in an area often considered the most dangerous place in the world for an American to be; not to mention, a location where the most unimaginable obstacles have to be overcome in order to get anything accomplished.

You can learn more about Greg Mortenson if you read his book "Three Cups of Tea". An inspiration, because:

- It proves Luca's theory that your destiny will come find you even if it has to nearly kill you to get you to pay attention.
- It demonstrates that a single person can (and does) change the world.
- It reminds you that there is a little bit of Greg Mortenson in all of us.

(Photo by Greg Mortenson)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fascinating, in a part of the world I've always found conflictive and mysterious. I'll look forward to reading the book.
I wonder if he's related to Vigo Mortenson, an actor I'm fond of.