Sunday, August 12, 2007

Powerful like a fire

Have you noticed how people don’t know how to take a compliment?

Go ahead. Pick a friend. Try saying "That is a beautiful sweater!" or "that presentation was really good!" or “you look gorgeous!” she won’t let it in. She’ll brush it off. "What, this old thing?" "Oh, nonsense. That was nothing". “Oh, shut up!”

In other words: in our daily tread through life, we tend to believe criticism, but then dismiss the good.

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Why does this merit a blog entry?

Consider that words, thoughts, intentions are reality, and they add up. And what they add up to is our perception of who we are.

I propose that we all resolve to take compliments in. Don't shun them. Don't bat them back. Don't lessen them. Don't shake your head. Stand there and take it. And then, if you dare, share it.

What was the last fabulous, surprising, thoughtful or just plain nice thing someone said about you? Go on. Gloat.


ben said...

Somebody told me yesterday that I was hot. Hmmmm. Ok then, I am hot :-p


Dushka said...

Ha! "Hot" is excellent. Take it :)

Miguel Cane said...

Ah, this one reaches home.
I *never* can take a compliment... I don't know why.

However, there are some that are really touching, but I don't see them as compliments at all.

Once, about a year ago or thereabouts, my friend Jack said to me "You are a good man".

And it felt like a gazillion roses.

I like to think I am.

But still, I don't take compliments (or gifts) easily. I just never can bring myself to plead for myself or ask for something. I was taught it was wrong, you see.

Ah, you know how it is.

Anyhoo, I do believe I am a "Good Man" and that'll do, as far as compliments go.

Much love to you & Luca,


Dushka said...

You ARE a good man.