Saturday, November 4, 2006

I am not alone

My Godmother used to order raisin bread and then pluck out all the raisins, piling them high on the farthest possible corner of her breakfast plate. When people asked why she didn’t just order ordinary bread, she'd just smile and shake her head.

If a dish involves more than a single ingredient, my friend Andy won't eat it unless everything is evenly chopped into very small pieces.

Sam doesn't like "crunchy and soft". Chocolate chip cookies, for example, need to be nut free.

I have never, ever heard my mom order something right off the menu. She needs to make complex adjustments to every dish. Her husband, Tomas, orders fish al ajillo (meaning “with garlic and chile guajillo”) without the garlic – comparable to ordering a ham and cheese sandwich without the ham (which, much like my Godmother’s raisin bread, would beg the question – why don’t you just order a cheese sandwich?)

With the possible exception of my angel-like husband, who is annoyingly close to perfection, we all have our quirks (and, yes. Some of us are quirkier than others. For proof, feel free to read “Stuck with me”.) Don’t even get me started on my ultra idiosyncratic father, whom I suspect to be the root of possibly more than 50% of my own higher-than-average peculiarity.

Do you have an endearing (or annoying, depending on who you ask) food related eccentricity? Does your significant other have one? Come on. Do tell. I know a certain someone who organizes her spice rack in alphabetical order… you know who you are. Come on out and celebrate what makes you be exactly who you are!

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Miguel Cane said...

I couldn't help myself but to answer, considering this is an older post (see, I've been reading in a more or less chronological order, and please do feel free of doing the same on my blog, which is yours to peruse at leisure, Dushka).

Yes, I do have a few food-related quirks.

I never, ever, ever eat eggs nor poultry. I avoid them with care. Why? I wouldn't know. But I really have successfully avoided them for many years. And do not miss them.

Whenever I order a salad, I always ask for a side of onion. It's an odd habit, I know. But I feel that a salad without onion (especially red) is not really a salad.

Whenever I eat steak (not as often as it used to be, when I was young), it must be blue. Otherwise, it'll be utter disaster.

Oh, and one more thing. I don't know why, but I never ever eat butter if I can help it. Lord knows why.

Thank you for these most inspiring and interesting posts, Dushka.